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Case study
“For Those Who Choose It”

The BIC Group is headquartered in Paris, France, and is a global market leader in major consumer product categories, principally stationery, shaving and pocket lighters. As part of an ongoing revitalization of the brand, BIC leadership committed to being a socially responsible corporation. How would this aspiration express itself in world financial markets?


> Counter its image of a manufacturer of low-quality “disposable” products.

> Promote BIC’s relevance as a champion of usability, affordability and ingenuity at the service of everyone.

> Communicate a “sustainable development” experience that is the ultimate expression of the BIC brand.


Foreshadowed the coming universal use of BIC’s EcoDesign tool and showed how the company was optimizing existing practices and driving new product design.

> Innovated with a “see, read and learn” tone of copywriting that aligned with graphic document design recommendations.

> Created a refreshed corporate sense of achievement that asserted the overall promise of the company’s values, and not just of its successful product lines.

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